czwartek, 24 marca 2011

2011.03.24 no control we're all at sea in a world that's dissappeared

I was kinda apathic recently and didn't feel like posting photos or writting notes.
Then this earthquake and atomic reactor appeared and I simply though it not really in good taste to do it. I changed my opinion after unexpected message from someone from my past, it helped me to realise how much I already miss Japan. It's so damn sad what happened, if not this reactor maybe everything would be rebuilded more or less already. I was looking on photos and regreting every building that was destroyed, every light that is turned off, and of course every person and animal who has to die.

some photos, Christmas time in Tokyo:

an airport in Moscow

Tokyo, finally!

hide's Lemoned shop at Marui shopping centre

pink vending machines, with some idols goods I quess

Takeshita dori, Harajuku!

my favourite clothes - kigurumi, this one exactly by brand "nightrider"!! I own one of those stripped ones, just love it!! it's very fluffy & warm, simply irreplaceable in coldness of japanese apartments.

crepes!!!! I ate it everyday, untill I realised I gained a few additional kg, only this was able to stop me XD

crossroad at Shibuya

finaly some eyecandy - Haruma Miura! I'm an old pervert!

hope Tokyo will looks like this again very soon!

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  1. great places!!!! thank
    you so much for following.

  2. Witaj :) Dzięki za odwiedziny na mojej stronce. Zazdroszczę Ci tych podróży do Japonii :) Niesamowite to musi być. I dzięki za zdjęcia - trochę przybliżają te odległe i egzotyczne nadal miejsce.
    Liczę na więcej !!!
    Pozdrawiam :)

    Ps. Zapraszam też tu -