sobota, 8 stycznia 2011

2011.01.09 Osaka

Happy New Year!

I'm being lazy again, don't have any other excuse to not writing anything. As for now a few complains XD
During this staying in Japan we spent 10 days in Tokyo, then to my big relief, came to Osaka. It's not that I don't like Tokyo, it's just too big and full of people. Anyway, instead of choosing Shinkansen we drive by night bus, almost 10 hours.....I have to say that it was NOT my idea, definitely. Ater this ride I was half dead for a whole day. Will have to ride like this to Tokyo again, and I'm so not happy about it.
In Tokyo we rented rooms in Otsuka, from Bamboo House company. I really DON'T recommend using this company, do it only if you want to fight to get back your deposit (30 000 yen). They were supposed to sent money by paypal on Dec 28th, on Jan 5th I still didn't have money so I wrote to them, only to get reply that they sent me money and they suggest me to check again (I'm talking about money for 3 apartments, which is 90 000yen). Finally they sent me my money afer I told them that I wrote to paypal and contacted police, which was true. What was their excuse? They made a mistake! Sent a money to woman who happend to have same name as me!! That ridiculous!! Why they didn't look at SURNAME instead? Pfff.

I will upload photos later.

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